• Flat shoes out of high heel effect, how did she do it?

    Although nikes on sale high heels can achieve immediate effect, but most high heels do not wear feet is not comfortable, long time wearing high heels also easy to cause foot deformation, thumb eversion of serious effects. So the daily life, the girls still choose the most healthy flat shoes. Flat shoes out of high heel effect, how did she do it? But there are shortcomings of flat shoes, wearing a dwarf, which makes girls in high heels was high but pain, flat shoes was short but comfortable in the struggle. But there is such a girl, only 157 of the height, but it can be flat shoes piercing the effect of 165 +, how she did it? Up and down the same color of the suit, to create a simple and neat to get the feeling, there is no complex color matching, to avoid the upper body and lower body segmentation effect, so wear nike air max sale very high. Even with a flat shoes or 3CM of the loose shoes, will not be short. Pure white dress gives a refreshing feeling, but also shape the overall shape. The design of the word deserted and cool, sexy, thin shoulder straps, very peace of mind. Waist inadvertently strapless, very unique.

    Small girls in wearing a flat shoes, pay attention to the color of shoes and play with the best summer shoes and shoes with the color of the same color, winter tights should also be consistent with the color of flat boots, visually can be long legs , To create a straight slender long legs nike sale effect. Most girls will choose the black flat shoes, with pure black jeans can achieve the effect of visual extension, very long legs long. Pants also designed a hole element, add a bit street flavor. Wearing a high waist pants, high waist skirt or short jacket, can be cleverly modified body proportion, the visual was high, even wearing a flat shoes will not let you see your true height, so little girls in the dress T-shirt, shirt, it is best to pull the hem, reshaping the location of the waist line. Want to wear cheap nike air max shoes out of the high effect, do not match the bell-bottoms, wide leg pants, pants, not only not significantly higher, but also let you cut 5 cm. Slim pants is best suited for flat shoes, so that the legs look longer and finer, even wearing flat shoes also have high effect.

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  • Why do you wear Roman shoes look short legs?

    The continuous return of Roman shoes shows that its fashion sense is persistent, the upper body will have Gladiator's blood through the body, this civilization is full of courage. But from the shoes itself, the knee and the ankle of the choice or according to their own leg type may be, it will expose nike clearance store some of the shortcomings of the legs, so still have to choose carefully, but it is undeniable that its fashion in the This year will continue to rise. From the fashionable T station to the warm Kechara music discount nike shoes festival, Rome shoes can be described everywhere, obviously we all love it. Rome sandals in the last year there is a red sign. Since the Roman shoes from history as an element to add to the fashion industry has been a long time, rich in cultural elements of the elements no matter what kind of clothes are stunning very. Probably after it will be the same story behind its name, in the fashion industry to do a timeless tower. Is still a continuation of the heat of the 70s hippie wave, Rome tied with shoelaces wild and small sexy strong return, there is no doubt that this is the street shoot people out of street tool! Want to wear Roman sandals, Roman shoes can take you nike clearance fly, some tips you need to know.

    Because of its length to the knee, so there are still some limitations. Basically the download must be a short hit above the knee. We say one by one. Roman shoes aristocratic longest match is a light-colored skirt, ancient Rome beauty to white for the United States, nike shox clearance now the same. If the coat can be played slightly longer "download missing", but it seems a good proportion of legs. Note that when you wear such a camera do not look at the camera, looked at the lens becomes a woman to force it! Or bow, or Yang neck. White skirt for the goddess image to increase the sense of mystery and purity, Rome shoes and more of a sense of sacred This kind of fine belt of Roman shoes can make the legs more beautiful lines.

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