• Canvas shoes open plastic, should not throw away?

    I believe there are a lot of people wearing canvas shoes will appear this situation, that is, canvas shoes open plastic. So why can wear a canvas shoes open plastic phenomenon? Canvas shoes under normal circumstances is generally not easy to open plastic, because the canvas shoes are wearing in the leisure period. Such as walking, shopping and some other normal pace of walking around the situation. But if there are wearing canvas shoes running or playing basketball, badminton, etc. to do some of the more intense exercise, there canvas shoes open plastic is also more normal thing Oh! Shoes open how to do? This is a problem that is troubled by a lot of people, because everyone must wear shoes, open plastic as one of the biggest reasons for changing shoes, as long as the shoes open plastic, and 80% of the choice directly to give up, this is a pity and a waste of things ah The

    The following three steps tell you that the shoes are open and should not be thrown away!

    The cheap nikes first step: clean

    Through the grinding, cleaning, to ensure that no residual adhesive surface, clean ash oil.

    The second step: glue dry

    Double-sided uniform coating, and keep the gap open, so that glue dry air for 3-5 minutes.

    The third step: heating, pressing

    Keep the two sides separated, with a hair dryer heating 10-15 seconds (no more than 65 ℃), you can paste the two sides (available elastic band), and pressure moment. (The greater the intensity, the better the effect, the length of time is not important)

    Simple lazy shoes word kicking, fabric super soft, very light breathable, after the foot so that you feel it is very user-friendly comfort. Wear-resistant rubber outsole sawtooth design more grip and intimate non-slip. Shoe type charming and charming, let you lead the fashion trend. Super classic style, black and white is simply based on the white, manpower, comfortable wild can cope with a variety of occasions. But also increased by six centimeters, so you change the lumbar goddess in minutes. With a pair of fresh canvas shoes, round shoe last, with anti-collision, easy to clean and other functions. Highly personalized trend, to ensure the comfort of wearing. Shoes with a classic lace design, stylish and elegant, convenient and comfortable, giving the feeling of generous people.

    Soft and comfortable, breathable ultra-fine fiber fabric, so that this pair of wild lace with a small white shoes more durable and durable. Have you found that there are two holes on both sides of the shoes, what is their use? In fact, this is a vent hole, so that your shoes are not stuffy, very user-friendly design. Pure color wild lazy shoes, 7cm within the increase, writing behind the shoe design, shoes, also called the shoe bar, in the shoes when the shoes inserted in the heel, heel homeopathic will be very easy The shoes on the feet, and is very user-friendly design.

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  • What kind of clothes with walking shoes look good? Walking shoes with skills

    With the modern society people walking on the concept of sports health, a most environmentally friendly and interesting way of hiking popular people loved. In the outdoor hiking, choose a pair of comfortable hiking shoes is essential, but also the lack of outdoor hiking shoes with a sports aesthetic visual Oh. The look of walking shoes looks more cumbersome, but nike shoes on sale the shape is crisp. On the hiking environment is relatively strong, should be equipped with professional outdoor clothes, outdoor clothes in the selection of overalls, Chong Pants is suitable for walking shoes, followed by hiking shoes on the color, men's footwear mostly deep color, , When the pants, wear short pants should choose lighter than the color of shoes, trousers, then the color should be with the shoes at the same level or deeper, so look more coordinated, outdoor sports style will appear more spirited That kind of.

    In the outdoor hiking shoes with more about the nature of the function in line with, so what kind of clothes in the selection of whether the outdoor professional or non-outdoor professional, Xiao Bian recommended outdoor hiking shoes with outdoor clothes good. Foot shoes more realistic, no special fashion elements, but the outdoor style than the average sports shoes strong. Combined with outdoor clothes moisture permeability, water resistance, breathability, quick drying and taking into account the outdoor clothes to the three-dimensional, see whether the characteristics of footwear in line with it.

    In addition, if not in the outdoor environment, such as hiking in the environment, such as walking on the city in this way, with the hiking shoes with the clothes on the more casual friends. In the city on foot, you can choose the shape of the footwear outdoor shape is not very strong that kind, according to the color of the child to match the clothes, bright walking shoes like a little pink lady shoes can be used with light-colored series of casual clothes, and For men, but also to match the light-colored series of casual clothes, but with the premise of walking with the hiking shoes, wiring that kind of unexpected it

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