• Temperament high heels, so that your beauty is no longer limited to this

    No one can refuse the temptation of a pair of high heels, women so, men are so High heels tens of millions, but choose a big problem, the election of a pair of suitable high heels, make charm doubled, otherwise the effect greatly reduced. Shallow mouth is relatively wild shoes, the main sexy style, perfect show women under the charming foot full, fully nike discount store modified your feet Oh High heels with lace style, easy to control the most wild, simple and simple yet yet simple, is the professional women's fashionable commuter shoes first choice! High heels is keen sweet style sister's fashionable choice, elegant fine with the design, virtuous butterfly embellishment, word buckle can stretch the proportion of the legs, is definitely worth starting. High heels is definitely not good to take the wrong, scrub leather is a symbol of retro, this shoe is so, full of women show foot style. Our nike store high-heeled shoes, the main sexy style, the perfect show women charming charm, temperament suede with buckle design fully modified your foot type.

    High heels with pointed elements of the classic classic, black and white two colors can be used with a variety of styles of clothing, never out of date, serpentine patent leather design full of points. High heels with popular rivet elements, coupled with rough with, wild publicity, free rate, practical and secure, to accompany you all the way comfortable counterparts. High heels specifically for women to work to create, comfortable rough to save love to wear high heels but tired of the ladies, nikes on sale elegant word with nike free run a tower buckle design, it is the work of choice for work!

    2017-06-26 20:14:56
  • Do not use high heels for their own, cheap nikes flat shoes, like legs were long

    Said barefoot is not afraid of shoes, a pair of comfortable shoes is really important, high heels significantly longer legs are not high, but really tired feet ah. But wearing a flat shoe has one of the biggest weakness is: significant short legs short Unless you have a pair of long legs, or really is a small short leg. But in fact, as long as nike factory store you know the right way to wear flat lebron james shoes shoes, no matter how your height, can wear clothing tall body of both vision. Comfortable soft rubber soles, walking very comfortable. Breathable cool mesh uppers very breathless and boring, fashionable nike factory store shoes with a wild fashion. Summer must not be such a literary and white small white shoes, comfortable feet soft and breathable. Soles are also very soft feet very comfortable, simple shape wild, with long skirt pants are a good choice. Shallow mouth flat shoes exposed part of the foot, will be visually lengthen your length of the foot, the legs are long minutes to do, especially the tip or v-shaped upper is even higher. Pure hand-sewn bow decoration, delicate lock, so that the whole person looks sweet. Latex soles material with soft breathable pig skin as lining, the feet more comfortable, very sweet and less age. Comfortable soft first layer of sheepskin, soft can roll up. Elegant round shoes are very classic and generous, different foot type is very suitable for comfort. Sweet bow decoration more of the younger age, free with all look good.

    This year's ultra-popular Muller flat shoes than the regular heel with the flat shoes will be more legs long, revealing the heel part of the leg area to get more exposed, let the legs look a lot longer.

    2017-06-25 20:32:18
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