• Height determines the heel length of high heels! How do you choose?

    As a girl, for high heels will have a certain preference, and this is like to have childhood, so for high heels, girls are always a very like the way. Indeed, after wearing high heels, the whole person will be a certain change, height increased a lot, the overall proportion will change a lot, and people will become tall and straight, and more temperament. nike shox clearance Many of my sister in order to make themselves look can look taller, for high heels heel length never take into account, in short, to make their own high, and the higher the better, which is why we can often see someone in the street Stepping on the "hate days high" reasons. but do you know? High heels the heel is also a certain percentage of the limit, and your height has a relationship. It seems to want to wear high heels more beautiful, and not so easy. Many babies may now be a little hair, that high heels should be how to choose it? In addition to pay attention to style and foot together, we should also pay attention to the length of the heel. Here, Xiaobian give you a simple formula, according to this we can calculate their own high heels heel long and short Oh.

    Formula: (leg length + height) 梅 (height nike air max + height) 鈮?.618

    Presumably see this formula, we should understand why the height of our high heels heel has a limit, right? Not to say that must be the case, but if you want your body to look like the proportion of more coordination, this formula for you to help still quite big Oh. We all know that 0.618 is a standard gold ratio, and if we choose the length of the heel to add in this formula inside, just out of the figure is about equal to the value of 0.618, then it will put on this pair High heels in the case, your overall proportion will be more beautiful Oh! But nike running shoes the baby may also encounter a problem, that is, you calculate the height of the heel may not be realistic, it shows that if you want to use high heels to create a golden proportion of the body is unlikely to Oh. Of course, this does not mean that high heels is not for you, you can not wear. Choose your favorite style, arbitrary! High-heeled slippers with suede material, rubber thickening of the foundation, put on is not tired feet, pointed design fashion and personality, smooth and delicate lines, highlighting the extraordinary sense of quality, so that shoes full of vitality, sandals The design easy to wear off, a good modification of the girls feet. PU nude color upper, simple month design looks a little tasteless, high-heeled design very good lengthened the legs of the curve, to achieve a thin vision, the color is not abrupt, wild shape More beautiful, rubber base material strong and durable. Floral fabric of the upper is very creative, color is also just right, there is a messy and neat beauty, pointed design of the elongated leg of cheap nike air max the curve, square decoration fashion generous, exquisite workmanship novel, with Giving a very simple sense of simplicity.

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  • Charm of Martin boots, let you in the fall tide full

    This season's trendy style can only create a fashionable Fan-style, Martin boots is a popular single product, wild good-looking style to follow the pace of the trend, always walking in the avant-garde fashion head regardless of style design or quality of quality Security, are very strict high-end, and always show the high-end grade of the atmosphere of charm, such a Western style of Martin boots, who would like to miss this nike shoes for sale opportunity to change it? Shoes with a round design, very consistent with the female foot type, charming arc is also only attached to the foot, so that the feet look more slender slender! Delicate and Fan has a retro row of strap design, free adjustment from top to bottom of the elastic, but also appears to be particularly stylish type, commute generous and seem quiet temperament! Shoe elastic stretch fabric design, relaxation has a comfortable side of the elastic design, free and generous is very conducive to nike air max women wear nike air max sale off, so slim shoes off the foot of the thin! Rubber bottom of the design, using a tough elastic material, wear-resistant ductility is very prominent, the bottom is very smooth and thick Oh!

    Super good-looking ankle boots, but also can nike shox modify the line of ankle beauty, will appear the whole person's temperament is better. High-quality suede leather fabric wearing fashion more convenient, flexible workmanship is also fine, bring high heels can not wear a sense of wearing a sense of experience. Metal leather buckle design in the rough with the boots, simple wild more elegant temperament Fan, care of both feet comfortable and healthy, wear is also convenient. Matte material boots, texture clear touch comfortable, soft and delicate, warm and breathable, to solve the cold problem of late autumn. Coarse with the Martin boots, wearing more comfortable than high heels. Let you enjoy the show under the charm of simple, simple and stylish British style, really good match. Pointed thick heel, no extra decoration, fashion is so simple. Inspections without publicity style, elegant and yet a sense of leisure. Beautiful smooth lines, modified leg type. British wind flat Martin boots, poor quality soles, no flexibility, forced on the ground stampede, the feet will have the feeling of pain, poor flexibility, soles hard, shock effect is also poor. Look at the soles: the shoes to wear, see the soles are soft, flexible, and then forced to step on the ground a few times, and then take a few steps to see if there will be a sense of pain.

    Scrub Martin boots with thick, polyurethane material, good elasticity, light and soft, comfortable and comfortable to wear. Round toe design, capricious metal buckle, show vitality, is undoubtedly one of the long-lasting elements of fashion circles. Metal side zipper, lightweight and beautiful luster, is a stylish and easy to take into account the zipper design, show the vitality of passion. Comfortable leather upper, feel is also very comfortable, and take care of more convenient, perfect highlights slender feet slender; wearing comfortable and decent. Do not pick the foot of the square head retro shoes, full of charm and fashion sense, comfortable thick heel, modified foot type at the same time even more significant was thin.

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